Friday, August 17, 2001

Sorry about the lack of entries.... been kind of busy this week..:yawns: I'm TIRED. I was on an overnight at camp... Surprisingly, I got some sleep. They didn't wake us up till around 9:00 (actually, "they" didn't wake us up, the kids in the tent next to us did.) My sister brought a whole bunch of her friends over to eat. I think they were a little surprised to see me. There were about seven people (my sister and her friend were the only girls!), but I only really saw Kioko (sp?), and my sister (thank god! I probably would have started acting really weird... I always do when I have to be around people I don't know!). :slaps self: I was falling asleep with my eyes open again! I only do that when I'm EXTREMELY tired! :yawns again and rubs eyes: I'll write more about the past week tomorrow... Catch ya later.

Thursday, August 09, 2001

Just a poem I wanted to post

What Is Love?
What exactly is love?
Is it something describable,
Like paper?
Or is it undescribable,
Like infinity?
Are some things purposely
Beyond fathom?
Some god's creul trick?
I am just a tiny speck
In a universe of gargantuans.
So can I be ignorant if I ask
'What exactly is love?'
Oh great. NOW everything shows up. :kicks stupid blogger: Well, today was another boring day. I stayed up till 3:00am reading. Monica (my older sister), woke me up at ten for some reason. I think she wanted to tell me she was leaving for work. alert on the radio. Ughh... the computerized voice sounds Romanian. Oh wait, it's only for Muskingum county, not Franklin. Damn. I was hoping it might cool things off. AGGHH!! WHY WON'T WNCI PLAY EVERY OTHER TIME? hmphh. They play it once a day, and they play Drops of Jupiter all the time. How unfair is that. My sister got me a surprise birthday present... makeup. It was actually pretty nice, and included some glitter that sticks to your skin. I have to restart because I got CGI time-outed on TPF (I accidentally previewed my message), and my mom wants me to go outside. I'll write again soon.
blogger is seriously messing up.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

:breaks fingers: Ughh...I have the urge to write. Just not my story. Not now.... Freedom from anything that has to do with school is good. Only twenty-one more days left. Where has the time gone? Maybe I'll write a poem. That might help.

Stars appear,
One by one.
Darkness reigns,
For no moon is visible.
I slowly trace a constellation,
My shaking finger wonders
Why it's shaped the way it is.
Why are simple things
Such great mysteries?
Great. NOW it works. Might as well tell you about my day. It was hot as hell out and humid to boot. Mom picked up some books at work... the one I'm reading right now is pretty good. I have a cough :coughs: and I have no clue why. Mom prodded me with a stick and we went down to the bikepath and took a four-mile-long ride down to the tennis courts and back. Blech. Wheee... :feels hotttt: I like my new top. Chrissy says Kylie talks about me all the time (Kylie's a popular, the slutty-type, btw). Great. Also seems like Lauren got a huge butt over the summer. Didn't see her at all... surprising, since she lives right behind Chrissy. Beat up Chrissy's brother, Kyle, because he broke one of her CD's. That was fun. :coughs again: I'm cold. I guess I'll write again tomorrow. Bye for now.
what is wrong with this?!
I think this is messed up... my last post DID NOT post for some odd reason :kicks blogger: testing, testing, testing..